Wings Over Iowa, LLC
White Racing Homing Pigeons

About Our Birds/Training

Our white racing homing pigeons come from some of the finest genetics in the United States. They have been highly selected for their ability to return to our loft, time and time again.

To train our pigeons, we provide the birds with an outstanding loft facility that they truly want to return too.

The birds are raised in the loft from an early stage in their life before they can fly. Then the birds are carefully taken incremental distances from the loft at feeding time and learn to fly back to the loft for their food. This procedure helps encourage their natural instincts and ability to return to their home loft.

Once the birds reach the loft, they land on a landing board out in front of the aviary, fly down through an opening in the loft called a "drop trap" and can not get back out of the loft. Feed is set out for them so they can eat upon their return from a flight.


H & S Feed and Country Store in Oskaloosa, Iowa is our preferred vendor for our pigeon feed. Their pigeon feed is milled at the Des Moines Feed Mill and has been selected to best suite the specific needs of our flock of birds.