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White Dove Releases

#W6.  Wedding- 6 white doves.                                                            $200


#W8. Wedding- 8 white doves .                                                            $225


#W12. Wedding- 12 white doves.                                                        $250


#SE6 Special Event- 6 white doves.                                                  $150


#SE8. Special Event- 8 white doves released outdoors.                      $175


#SE12.  Special Event- 12 white doves released outdoors.                $200


#FM1.  Funeral/Memorial Service- 1 white dove.                            

#FM4. Funeral/Memorial Service- Trinity Package- 3 white doves followed by a single white dove.                                                           

#FM8.  Funeral/Memorial Service- Escort Package- 7 white doves  followed by 1 white dove.                                                                       


#FM12.  Funeral/Memorial Service- 12 white doves released by

family member(s) and/or remote controlled basket.

WHITE DOVE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL, promoting white dove professionals through education and a public directory. Find a White Dove Professional.


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