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White Dove Release


Funerals and Memorial Services

Funerals and Memorials are very special to family members and friends. We have coordinated with our cooperating funeral directors to integrate our white dove releases with their services if chosen by the family.

A graveside dove release presents a quiet moment of reflection. It helps give a sense of closure.

Dove releases for Funeral and Memorial services can take place at the closing of the graveside service.

Or a white dove release can be performed outdoors after the service at

the funeral home, church, chapel or other place the memorial is held.

We have a book of Dove Poems relating to dove releases and funeral and memorial services. The family may choose a poem that can be read at the service. The book of Dove Poems has been provided to our cooperating funeral homes to assist with planning the service.


NOTE: A white dove release may also be given to a grieving family in place of a gift of flowers or a memorial fund gift.


Various packages include: (NOTE- prices available on request)


The doves can be released outdoors by the minister, funeral director or family member(s).


#FM1.  Funeral/Memorial Service- One white dove.


#FM4.  Funeral/Memorial Service- Trinity Package-  Three (3) white doves followed by a single white dove. 


#FM8. Funeral/Memorial Service- Escort Package- Seven (7)  white doves followed by a single white dove.


#FM12.  Funeral/Memorial Service-  Eleven (11) white doves released by family or a remote controlled release box located near the graveside service followed by a single dove.


We realize that funerals come up unexpectedly. We have coordinated with our cooperating funeral directors so that you can arrange for a white dove release while making other funeral arrangements directly with them.


Sinnott Funeral Home


Tharp Funeral Home


If you would like a white dove release at a private memorial service separate from the funeral, please call Wings Over Iowa and we will work directly with you.

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