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White Dove Release Events


Weddings and wedding receptions are a very special time for the couple, family and friends celebrating the joining of two lives.

There is nothing quite as spectacular as the bride and groom releasing a pair of white doves symbolizing the joining of their lives forever.

Combine that with a release of ten more white doves near the couple or each member of the wedding party releasing a white dove and you have an awesome display for the wedding guests.

The release will be outdoors and can be near the church doors as the birde and groom emerge from the church. Another option is to release the doves right at the end of the ceremony if it is held outdoors. If the reception is held outdoors, the release could be made at that event.

We offer a wide variety of wedding packages to fit every event budget and ceremony. Packages include:


#W6. Wedding- four (4) white doves released outdoors by the bride's maides AND two (2) white doves rleased by the bride and groom. $200


#W8.  Wedding-  up to six (6) white doves each released outdoors by the brides maides or remote release AND two (2) white doves released by the bride and groom. $225


#W12. Wedding- up to twelve (12) white doves released outdoors, one by each person in the wedding party; OR two white doves released by the bride and groom and ten (10) doves released from a remote basket . $250

Please go to the "Book Your Event" page to book your selection.

Be sure to book your event early as many events are scheduled on Saturdays and our calendar fills up quickly.

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